About Us

Callithrix Hair Extensions is the manufacturer of virgin Indian human hair extensions. We offer an exclusive range of natural hair extensions to THE TRADE. Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, salon, stylist and hair traders. We are very strong in the area of personalized human hair extensions for all sectors.

Callithrix Hair Extensions has been into hair extension manufacturing business for over 3 generations now. It’s a family-owned business with own hair manufacturing factory, sales team, designers, packaging, quality control. Our factory is in Chennai where our team creates different types of hair extensions that our customers adore.

We play a major role in hair trade and we manufacture top quality natural human hair extension and guarantee complete consumer satisfaction. We have a quality control team that follow the correct procedure for hygienic work process, storage, and cleaning. We continuously invest our time and efforts in our hair manufacturing factory to be the forefront of the complete quality control standards for wholesale hair extension production.

From our Chennai based Hair manufacturing factory, we supply a wide range of hair extensions and wigs. Products available include Remy hair, natural straight, body wave, natural wavy Remy hair, kinky curly, deep curly, spiral curly, closures, Frontals, clip-on extension, halo extensions (unique product), ponytail extensions, color hair extensions ombre extension, wig, u tip extension, V tip extension, I tip extension, tape extension, micro ring extension, color rings, hand tied weft extension, 2 thread, 7 thread and non-Remy double thread.

What to expect?

We work hard to provide highest levels of customer services and support. You can expect the best quality of hand weft hair extensions and Remy hair extensions that are neatly crafted to suit everyone. We create hair extensions based on the requirement of people across the world. We understand the color needs, texture and the purpose of the hair extensions and craft unique designs that are in huge demand in the market.

Our service

We’re committed to giving you an exceptional level of service. We work for our customers and consider their demands and requests as a top priority. We’d like to help women look better and feel beautiful every day.

What do our wholesalers and retailers appreciate the most?

  • Excellent quality of products
  • Wide product range
  • Quick processing
  • Responsive team
  • Speedy delivery

How is the hair processed?

The hand-picked virgin hair undergoes chemical processing, colors are applied to create the best Remy hair extensions. Our quality control team removes discolored hair and check for defects. We wash, condition and style the hair before it’s shipped to our customers.

How do we get the natural Indian hair?

Founder Mr.Preetham, has many years of experience in procuring hair, sorting them, cleaning them and making natural hair extensions. With passion and strong knowledge in the industry, Callithrix is able to make clients happy with high-quality products. Born in Chennai, in a traditional family, Callithrix has seen the beautiful tradition of tonsuring especially at Indian temples. The professionally made hair extensions are created to reveal the natural beauty of every woman because hair is the most beautiful part of every woman. We source 100% great quality virgin hair from Indian temples Our team

The best of the best natural hair available in India

Being in the market for many decades, we realize that Indian hair is thick, lustrous, beautiful, silky and soft. The color and thickness of the hair are genetically inherited. We have categorized the texture of hair as straight, wavy, curly and this specification is depended on the region. We handpick the virgin hair and style them according to the requirements of our customers.

How to get the perfect hair extension?

We’d recommend you to choose the perfect hair extensions after a little bit of research

Talk to experts

Our sales team will assist you to choose the best hair extensions that are suitable for you. Hair extensions are an investment of time and money, you need to consult with the experts and get the best one. If you are not sure of what to buy, talk to us now

Buy only from the reliable source

Do you want to consider cheap hair extensions instead of high-quality ones? We’d recommend you to know the history of the manufacturer before you buy Remy hair extensions. The quality of the natural hair extension is essential for durability

Know the color

color match is essential when you choose hair extensions. Do not compromise even a slight difference in the color. And make it a point not to color your own hair to match the tape in hair extensions. Even a slight color difference is not advisable. If you want to choose the best color, you can get in touch with us. We have Remy hair in different colors that are suitable for all hair colors

Ask before you buy

And finally, before you place your order, you need to talk to the manufacturer/supplier regarding the real human hair extensions. A good manufacturer or styles will give you enough knowledge about the good hair extensions. Do you have any questions? Talk to us now and get an informative response

Buy hair extensions online from Callithrix Corp

We’d recommend you to buy hair online from Callithrix Corp because you can get the required length, volume, color and style you are longing for. The hair extensions human hair is easy to use, light in weight and they look natural. The product is waterproof so you can wash the clip in natural hair extensions without any worries. They are easy for normal and daily uses

Why choose us?

We provide high-quality hair extensions for sale. The perfect color match, pre-made strands are good for natural hair. We have crafted the products to meet the requirements and needs of every customer across the world. We help you create a new hairstyle with our perfectly blended and cut Remy hair extensions.

We have the best hair extensions to buy. Place your order today and browse our shop to know more about the products we serve